Kuk Sool Won of Alvin

Traditional Korean Martial Arts for the whole family!

Kuk Sool Won of Alvin offer the most comprehensive martial arts system developed for the whole family. Ages 5 to 105. Fitness, self defense, stretching, tumbling, weapons, self confidence, health, self discipline.

Kyo Sa Nim Joseph Perkins (2nd Degree Black Belt)

KSN Joe has been a black belt in KSW since March 2005. He began his martial arts training in 1988 and has trained in various forms of martial arts and gymnastics. After finding Kuk Sool he dedicated his life to training and teaching to promote “The best martial art system” he had done. “Kuk Sool Won is great for every age and body type. It is something you can believe in because you are taught to believe in yourself. You can do it from a very young age throughout your entire life. If the true principals are practiced you will remain physically fit and mentally sharp through your old age and have a much higher quality of life.”

Jo Kyo Nim Jonathan Hirsch (1st Degree Black Belt)


Jo Kyo Nim Kaleb Speed

Jo Kyo Nim Kallin Speed

Prospective students are required to attend a minimum of 1 class before being allowed to join. Kuk Sool Won of Alvin is a private school and reserves the right to deny membership to anyone we choose.

Kuk Sool Won of Alvin reserves the right to dismiss or ban any student, parent, or observer from classes, the facility, or property, for any conduct that is considered negative, disruptive, abusive, inappropriate, or that detracts from a students ability to learn, train, practice, or instruct. This includes, but is not limited to: foul language, hand gestures, body movements, poor attitude, disrespect to students/instructors/facility, lack of proper etiquette, horseplay, excessive contact, etc. Any money paid or owed to Kuk Sool Won of Alvin will not be refunded upon dismissal, and any future payments scheduled must still be fulfilled. If person or persons do not leave in a timely manner, they will be physically removed by one of our qualified black belts. Additionally, a martial challenge may be issued.